Unitary Appraiser Certification, UAC

In 2013, the WSATA Executive Committee approved the WSATA Unitary Appraisal Certification. In order to receive the certification you must complete the following requirements.


Certification Requirements

  • Complete and pass WSATA courses 100 & 101.

  • Complete and pass WSATA Auditing course 102.

  • Three years of Utility (unitary) appraisal experience.

  • Fulfill requirements to be certified as an ad valorem appraiser in the state in which you reside.

  • Maintain Continuing Education (CE) requirement by attending a WSATA course at least once every three years -OR- Maintain CE requirement by instructing at a WSATA course at least once every three years (teaching hours should be pre approved by the certification committee).



Submit an application along with a $50 processing fee. Upon approval of the application you will receive your certificate.







Continuing Education

 In order to retain the certification you must meet the continuing education requirement. Each January, letters will be sent to those certified appraisers that need to attend a WSATA course the following year in order to fulfill the continuing education requirement and retain certification. In the event that a certified appraiser fails to attend a WSATA Course, their certification will become inactive and it will be necessary to attend a course by the end of the fourth year to avoid having to resubmit an application. If not, you must attend course 101, pass the test, and resubmit your application for certification along with the $50 application fee.


If you have any questions regarding the administration of the certification program, please contact Angie Haller at 406.444.2515.