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California State Board of Equalization

Property Tax Department

State-Assessed Properties Division

450 N Street, MIC: 61

P. O. Box 942879

Sacramento, California 94279-0061

Telephone: (916) 274-3270

Fax: (916) 285-0132

Jack McCool


State Assessed Properties Division

(916) 274-3296

Mike Harris

Business Taxes Administrator III

Field Appraisal, Transport, Timber, Tax Area Service Section

(916) 274-3309

Michelle Cruz

Principal Property Appraiser

(916) 274-3282

Huy Tran

Supervising Property Appraiser

(916) 274-3318

Pamela DiNapoli

Supervising Property Appraiser

(916) 274-3287

Jenni Torres

Senior Specialist Property Auditor Appraiser

Wireless Industry

(916) 274-3310

Dan Jenkinson

Senior Specialist Property Auditor Appraiser

Gas and Electric Industry

(916) 274-3292

Wiley Anderson

Senior Specialist Property Appraiser

Real Property

(916) 274-3276

Richard Reisinger
Kurt Beck 

Retired Annuitant

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